Looking for a Broncos hat with Swarovski Crystals?

Broncos hat with Swarovski Crystals available now! This beautiful grey hat wont last long as it has 400 crystals applied to it. Support your favorite NFL team with stunning bling! The colors of the rhinestones are Moonlight, Hyacinth, Meridian Blue and a couple of Jet baby ones too.

The hat was pre washed that is why there are no tags as washing does help keep the crystals on more securely. However just in case we send a little baggy of crystals; some of each size and color used.

Hurry and get this while supplies last! a Unique find!https://www.coloradocrystals.com/swarovski-crystals/Broncos-Hat-With-Swarovski-Crystals-p233091949

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