DIY cards with Bling

DIY Cards with Bling!

Looking for another DIY Project? How about DIY Cards with Bling! These are very easy to make! This set of DIY Cards with Bling was made as Grad cards however you could make thank you’s, invitations, weddings, get well’s, Birthday’s or any occasion! Sending DIY cards with Bling will make anyone smile! Here’s a little tutorial on how we made them!

Items needed:
*Card Stock
*Scissors or Paper Slicer
*Fake flowers – Any size or shape that you can take a part to lay flat
*Glue – a White glue such as Gem tac (e6000 worked for the more difficult flowers)
*Swarovski Rhinestones from Colorado Crystals;)
*Inserts with information, writing or saying

1. We started by cutting the Card stock in half. (Depending on the size of the card you want them to finish as will depend on the size to cut the card stock)
2. Take apart the fake or material flowers. As you see in the picture any size or style will work as long as you can get a good size center piece to stay flat.
3. Glue on your flowers and let them dry completely. White glue like Gem tac works great if you have flat flowers. You don’t need to put a ton of glue on! We found it was better to do small dots in many areas and press the flowers flat to dry.
4. Make your inserts on a different paper.
5. Print off and cut out your inserts
6. Glue on your inserts with the information
7. Add rhinestones to your flowers!

AND you are DONE with your DIY Cards with Bling! A couple of notes; if you put too many rhinestones or Crystals on, the weight of the card can get heavier than what a standard stamp will cover to mail. (We only had 1 out of 75 that was to heavy!) Also we found that sometimes the cheaper the flower the flatter we could get it and the cleaner it looked. Also remember glue dries clear; so clear on black or dark materials can be seen! What we found best was to glue 3-4 cards at a time and then put a heavy item such as a book over the top to hold them in place to dry. (Make sure whatever you are putting over the top doesn’t stick to the flowers! We used an old cutting board. The glue can seep through a little if the material is really thin) If the glue shows thru… Cover it with a rhinestone!

Come visit our Rhinestone Gallery for more Bling Ideas!

Happy Blinging!

Rhinestoned Grad Cap!

Rhinestoned Grad Cap! A perfect way to celebrate your graduation! From High School to College it is a day to remember forever what you or your child has accomplished! How about a gift from parents, friends or family that you can hang on to as a keep sake to remember all that you have done. The best part about these is that you can add your personality to them. This rhinestoned grad cap was for a girl who loves pink, bling and cheetah print! She wanted to use hers in her senior pictures to show off all that she loves! This solid rhinestoned grad cap is made with Swarovski rhinestones and has over 3,650 crystals. I know this post is a little after graduation season however its never to late to start thinking about next year; especially since school starts soon! As we all know it comes around faster than you think. As a mom myself I can’t believe how time flies! I thought for sure I would be able to sit back and enjoy all of her senior year and finish all these mementos for her! Yet it came and went so fast and I didn’t get to the GREAT Ideas! HA-HA! However time spent is more memorable than any gift… So maybe use it as a mother daughter bonding time and work on it together throughout her final year!

Assorted Crystal packs of Swarovski rhinestones

Assorted Crystal Packages

We are now offering assorted Crystal packages! These amazing low price crystals are a great place to try out your rhinestoning skills! All the packages are made up of Swarovski Rhinestones. We have mixed together a variety of rhinestones to choose from! Some packages will have mixed sizes, others mixed colors, and some will have a mixture of everything! You also get to pick which cut of stones you would like! (2028, 2058 and 2088) Most assorted crystal packages have only 1 available and with these low prices they won’t last long! This is also a great place for those kids who are wanting to learn how to bling on their own! Check back soon with us as we will be adding more! When looking at the photos they are of the items in that baggie! So look closely and happy blinging!

Fitness bikini competition suit blinged out with Swarovski Rhinestones

Fitness bikini competition suit

This beautiful fitness bikini competition suit was made by one of our customers! If you think you can’t do this rhinestoning or blinging thing you can! Here is a prime example of a Colorado Crystals customer trying to do it on their own; and we think they did an amazing job! They purchased the suit and then purchased their crystals from us. They used a variety of sizes in the rhinestone color; Crystal. When we asked how was it? They said, “It was so much fun!” And they were thankful they tried because it saved them money and they were able to see their finished work on themselves! We asked if they felt like it was hard? They said, “At first it was a little scary so we started in a place that wasn’t shown as much and worked our way around and it got easier as time went on. In the end, no it wasn’t hard and we will be doing our next competition suit the same way; purchasing the suit and rhinestoning it ourselves.” Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas!

Converse with bling White

Converse With Bling

We recently had the opportunity to make some Converse with Bling! These beautiful white tennis shoes are another great idea; and can be used for different types of occasions! Every day wear, bridal or wedding attire, and team gear to name a few! With Crystal Swarovski rhinestones covering the toe and sprinkled through out the shoe they will shine no matter what the occasion is!

Keep in mind that Converse with Bling works for all ages! Colorado Crystals has had the opportunity to make a pair for babies as young as new born and all the way to a 60 year old women; who loved them!!!

Want to learn how to apply crystals to Converse with Bling? Check out our Learning Center for some short videos on how to attach Swarovski Rhinestones to many types of materials. We highly suggest to wear the shoes prior to making them Converse with Bling! This will ensure the stones to last longer.
Another suggestion could be to outline them in a different color prior to filling in with the clear crystal stone.
Happy Blinging!!
*Please note this price in the picture includes Rhinestones and Labor and does not include the shoes!
Converse with bling White
White Converse with Crystal Swarovski Diamonds
Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party

Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party

We recently had the pleasure of being a part of a Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party! So what is a Bling Party you may ask? These ladies brought their own items that they wanted rhinestoned and Colorado Crystals came to their location (In Greeley CO.)!

First they were able to lay out their stones and see what size and qty they wanted. The ladies were able to purchase the stones and correct glue for their item. Then we all sat down and Colorado Crystals did a little demo of how we have found the easiest way to attach rhinestones! Last we went around to each lady to help them apply their stones to their items that they brought with them. Some used e6000 and some were brave enough and started using epoxy! The host of course received her discount and a few free items for having us come over for an afternoon of blinging with some new friends! We loved doing this and we thank them for letting us join them in on the Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party!

If you would like for Colorado Crystals to come to your Bling Party let us know! We would love to join you for the fun! Not sure what you want to bling? We can always set up a Theme Bling Party as well! Contact Us for more information!

Thank you,
Kami D. Bergstrom
Owner of Colorado Crystals

Applying Swarovski Rhinestones: How to Video

“Applying Swarovski Rhinestones: How to Video”

Applying Swarovski Rhinestones: How to Video! In this short video we will teach you how to apply your own non hot fix flatback crystals! This simple tutorial will teach you how to apply crystals using a white glue; on to some lace material. Colorado Crystals was asked to make some headbands for a local high school dance team and we used that project to teach you how to learn to apply Swarovski Rhinestones!

Some of the supplies you can get at your local craft store and of course here at Colorado Crystals we would love to help you find the perfect crystals for the project at hand! Visit our store for all your Swarovski® rhinestones!!!
Supplies needed:
Glue – In this tutorial we used Crystal Clover however any white glue that you like would work. We recommend trying the glue first and going thru all steps listed on the bottle before starting your project. We also use Gem tac for many projects! 
Birthday Candle – we prefer the ones without the white stripe on them
Cutting board – or something that the item won’t get stuck to when rhinestoning
Project you are working on – we used some stretch lace and doubled it over and hand tacked it together once finished rhinestoning
Swarovski Crystals

We hope you find this tutorial on Applying Swarovski Rhinestones: How to video helpful!

Visit our You Tube account for a few more videos. Colorado Crystals You Tube