Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski

Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski
Colorado Hat in Black and Silver Swarovski Rhinestones! Bling hat that stands out from the rest!

Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski a unique find! This hat has Swarovski Rhinestones in the colors Jet Hematite, Silver Night and Crystal. We used sizes 12, 16 and a few 20’s in non hot fix 2088 XIRIUS ROSE flatbacks.

If you are looking to make your own Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski unique hat here are some suggestions we have for you!

  • Wash your hat prior to applying the rhinestones! (We just tossed ours in a delicate wash and dried for a moment in dryer then set out on dryer to finishing drying) This will help remove any oils that is left on the embroider or stitching left on the logo of the hat.
  • Lay out the stones first to make sure you have enough crystals and to help navigate where will apply the correct sizes.
  • Glue suggestions:
    • If you are one that washes your hat often we recommend GemTac white glue as it is a permanent washable glue. If you don’t wash them that often then use e6000. PLEASE keep in mind that e6000 is no longer a permanent washable glue. It is permanent water resistant only. After multiple washes the glue will loosen up. GemTac takes longer to dry and doesn’t hold up as great however long term it does. Where e6000 will hold tight but if wanting it for years and washable it will loose its hold over time.
    • Last we use a syringe in size 16g (For sizes 12s and up) or 18g (for size 12s and down) E6000 only a few drops at a time GemTac we do more and let sit slightly and sometimes top off if needed.
  • Applying the Rhinestones we use a birthday candle! Yes, thats right the flat part or the bottom of a birthday candle! Why? A number of reasons!

A. Wax won’t ruin the crystals! – Simply wipe off after completely dry

B. CHEAP and can purchase anywhere! – We recommend ones that don’t have the stripe around then and ones that are a little thicker in wax.

C. Small enough to see if you have a slight ring around the stone of glue! AND works perfect for ALL sizes of Rhinestones!

We hope you like our Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski for a fresh new idea! Want one? Contact Us we would love to make one for you!


Kami Bergstrom – Owner of Colorado Crystals

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