Converse With Bling

We recently had the opportunity to make some Converse with Bling! These beautiful white tennis shoes are another great idea; and can be used for different types of occasions! Every day wear, bridal or wedding attire, and team gear to name a few! With Crystal Swarovski rhinestones covering the toe and sprinkled through out the shoe they will shine no matter what the occasion is!

Keep in mind that Converse with Bling works for all ages! Colorado Crystals has had the opportunity to make a pair for babies as young as new born and all the way to a 60 year old women; who loved them!!!

Want to learn how to apply crystals to Converse with Bling? Check out our Learning Center for some short videos on how to attach Swarovski Rhinestones to many types of materials. We highly suggest to wear the shoes prior to making them Converse with Bling! This will ensure the stones to last longer.
Another suggestion could be to outline them in a different color prior to filling in with the clear crystal stone.
Happy Blinging!!
*Please note this price in the picture includes Rhinestones and Labor and does not include the shoes!
Converse with bling White
White Converse with Crystal Swarovski Diamonds