DIY Cards with Bling!

Looking for another DIY Project? How about DIY Cards with Bling! These are very easy to make! This set of DIY Cards with Bling was made as Grad cards however you could make thank you’s, invitations, weddings, get well’s, Birthday’s or any occasion! Sending DIY cards with Bling will make anyone smile! Here’s a little tutorial on how we made them!

Items needed:
*Card Stock
*Scissors or Paper Slicer
*Fake flowers – Any size or shape that you can take a part to lay flat
*Glue – a White glue such as Gem tac (e6000 worked for the more difficult flowers)
*Swarovski Rhinestones from Colorado Crystals;)
*Inserts with information, writing or saying

1. We started by cutting the Card stock in half. (Depending on the size of the card you want them to finish as will depend on the size to cut the card stock)
2. Take apart the fake or material flowers. As you see in the picture any size or style will work as long as you can get a good size center piece to stay flat.
3. Glue on your flowers and let them dry completely. White glue like Gem tac works great if you have flat flowers. You don’t need to put a ton of glue on! We found it was better to do small dots in many areas and press the flowers flat to dry.
4. Make your inserts on a different paper.
5. Print off and cut out your inserts
6. Glue on your inserts with the information
7. Add rhinestones to your flowers!

AND you are DONE with your DIY Cards with Bling! A couple of notes; if you put too many rhinestones or Crystals on, the weight of the card can get heavier than what a standard stamp will cover to mail. (We only had 1 out of 75 that was to heavy!) Also we found that sometimes the cheaper the flower the flatter we could get it and the cleaner it looked. Also remember glue dries clear; so clear on black or dark materials can be seen! What we found best was to glue 3-4 cards at a time and then put a heavy item such as a book over the top to hold them in place to dry. (Make sure whatever you are putting over the top doesn’t stick to the flowers! We used an old cutting board. The glue can seep through a little if the material is really thin) If the glue shows thru… Cover it with a rhinestone!

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Happy Blinging!