Fitness bikini competition suit

This beautiful fitness bikini competition suit was made by one of our customers! If you think you can’t do this rhinestoning or blinging thing you can! Here is a prime example of a Colorado Crystals customer trying to do it on their own; and we think they did an amazing job! They purchased the suit and then purchased their crystals from us. They used a variety of sizes in the rhinestone color; Crystal. When we asked how was it? They said, “It was so much fun!” And they were thankful they tried because it saved them money and they were able to see their finished work on themselves! We asked if they felt like it was hard? They said, “At first it was a little scary so we started in a place that wasn’t shown as much and worked our way around and it got easier as time went on. In the end, no it wasn’t hard and we will be doing our next competition suit the same way; purchasing the suit and rhinestoning it ourselves.” Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas!