Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party

We recently had the pleasure of being a part of a Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party! So what is a Bling Party you may ask? These ladies brought their own items that they wanted rhinestoned and Colorado Crystals came to their location (In Greeley CO.)!

First they were able to lay out their stones and see what size and qty they wanted. The ladies were able to purchase the stones and correct glue for their item. Then we all sat down and Colorado Crystals did a little demo of how we have found the easiest way to attach rhinestones! Last we went around to each lady to help them apply their stones to their items that they brought with them. Some used e6000 and some were brave enough and started using epoxy! The host of course received her discount and a few free items for having us come over for an afternoon of blinging with some new friends! We loved doing this and we thank them for letting us join them in on the Harley Davidson Hog Bling Party!

If you would like for Colorado Crystals to come to your Bling Party let us know! We would love to join you for the fun! Not sure what you want to bling? We can always set up a Theme Bling Party as well! Contact Us for more information!

Thank you,
Kami D. Bergstrom
Owner of Colorado Crystals