Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun

Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun! Recently we visited Vegas for a much needed vacation and were looking for some summer fun! We found some black Havaianas and added some Swarovski flat back rhinestones to them!

At first this seemed like an easy DIY then we struggled for a bit and in the end found that it is a great summer project for anyone to try! WE ended up using a super glue called Loctite Super Glue (Gel version). It took us sometime to get the hang of it, so we recommend practicing before doing a full pair for a gift! We were thankful these were for a trying out job!

Some tips we found….

A. when scrapping off the logo and the ridges use both an Xacto knife and a piece of sandpaper. (We tried only the knife and some stones never did lay flat)

B. roll up a sock or anything similar so that the straps will lay flat, snug and remain in place while working.

C. Lay out a few stones at a time before gluing them down. (There are times that you have to leave a little space so that the pattern can continue the same.)

D. Even though the solid look is amazing to look at it is harder to keep them nice and perfectly aligned. We would recommend leaving a very tiny space in-between the stones.

WE have to say though…Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun; have held up amazingly! We actually even accidentally left them in the hot sun in Vegas for a few hours! OOPS! (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! HAHA!) And we still haven’t lost one!

These ended up using almost 2.5 gross of the Crystal Shimmer in size ss12 and 1gr of Jet Hematite in size ss12. We didn’t quite finish one bottle of glue off either! WE used a candle to attach them and a skewer to straighten them out when needed!

Happy blinging and Contact Us for any other questions or projects you would like us to share about! Happy to help in any of your Swarovski Rhinestone Needs!

Thank you
Kami Bergstrom
Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun
Black havaianas flip flops with Crystal Shimmer and Jet hematite size ss12 Swarovski Crystals added to them!