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Broncos Hat with Swarovski Crystals

Looking for a Broncos hat with Swarovski Crystals?

Broncos hat with Swarovski Crystals available now! This beautiful grey hat wont last long as it has 400 crystals applied to it. Support your favorite NFL team with stunning bling! The colors of the rhinestones are Moonlight, Hyacinth, Meridian Blue and a couple of Jet baby ones too.

The hat was pre washed that is why there are no tags as washing does help keep the crystals on more securely. However just in case we send a little baggy of crystals; some of each size and color used.

Hurry and get this while supplies last! a Unique find!https://www.coloradocrystals.com/swarovski-crystals/Broncos-Hat-With-Swarovski-Crystals-p233091949

How to add Swarovski Crystals

How to add Swarovski Crystals to Nike’s

Looking for a new workout gear idea? Needing a little bling added to your life?

In this YouTube Video we will teach you How to add Swarovski Crystals to Nike’s! A step by step tutorial with all the details we could think of that you might need or use! We chose to use some larger crystals to save on some money and time yet still make them sparkle!

Items Needed:

  • Nike’s
  • Foot file or sand paper (Something to rough up the swoosh with)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (to clean swoosh) – we used a paper towel to do this
  • Birthday candle (To apply crystals)
  • E6000 Glue
  • Syringe – We used a blunt tip 18 Gauge Syringe you can purchase here at Colorado Crystals
  • Swarovski Crystals – we used a variety of sizes in crystal clear such as these  Crystal 12ss for the main size and a few of these; ss9, ss7, ss5, ss16 to use in the smaller sections of the swoosh
  • Soft white cloth – to clean at the end
  • Paper towel – used to keep syringe clean and to wipe rubbing alcohol off

We sure hope you find this tutorial on How to add Swarovski Crystals to Nike’s helpful! 

Happy Crystaling!

Kami Lerch

Letterman Jacket Bling

Letterman Jacket Bling is all the latest craze! Here at Colorado Crystals we have been applying them for years and have seen some amazing Jackets done by others!

Why not Join in on this fun way to show off your personality! Contact Us for help! We can apply them for you and take off the stress and time it consumes! Or we can guide you with purchasing the right Swarovski crystals to be applied! Whatever you decide we are happy to help out!

See our Rhinestone Gallery for more ideas! There is no limit to the ways you can attach Letterman Jacket Bling! And how about you Explore many other ideas posted on our social media pages too! Find us at Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest OR Twitter !

Visit our Store to find amazing prices, colors and sizes of Swarovski Crystals! Home to all Bling Needs!

Happy Blinging!

Letterman Jacket Bling
Bling out your Letterman jacket and show off your personality!

 Here we attached approximately 630 Swarovski rhinestones in the color Crystal Shimmer! This stone color will pull white in 3 different shades. The main size used is ss20 however there are some 12s and 16s in some areas. Let us know if we can help with more information! PS We used e6000 for this project.

Cheer & Dance New seasons underway for High School and College ~ Rhinestones?

Cheer & Dance New seasons underway for High School and College ~ Rhinestones?

Are your teams ready? See how we can help you and your schools teams!

Cheer & Dance New seasons underway for High School and College ~ Rhinestones?

Look no further! Here is a list of ways we can help you and your team out!

  • We sell Swarovski Rhinestones in Multiple Quantities – Loose Crystals to Bulk 10 packs ALL AT LOW COST
  • Tax Exempt? You can now order online tax exempt every time! Just Contact Us and we will set you up. All you need is your email and tax information. (Only set up one time and you are ready to go!)
  • Receive your orders quickly! (Even items that are out of stock!) Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 100s of colors to choose from and many sizes – IN STOCK NOW!
  • Need help doing the work? We are happy to bling anything for you and your team at amazing prices and speed! – ALL Work is guaranteed!
  • Rhinestones can be applied to many items such as: Uniforms, Warm-ups, Shoes, Costumes, Bows, Accessories, Back Packs, Gifts, Mom Gear and don’t forget Coaches clothing too!
  • Ideas? Check out our social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and tag us with your teams gear! Or take a look at our Rhinestone Gallery

Colorado Crystals has been serving many High Schools and College Teams for years and would love to continue doing so! Let us know how we can help you and your team! With Cheer & Dance new seasons underway for High School and College ~ Rhinestones?

Cheer & Dance New Seasons underway for High School and College Rhinestones
Cheer & Dance New Seasons underway for High School and College Rhinestones

Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski

Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski
Colorado Hat in Black and Silver Swarovski Rhinestones! Bling hat that stands out from the rest!

Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski a unique find! This hat has Swarovski Rhinestones in the colors Jet Hematite, Silver Night and Crystal. We used sizes 12, 16 and a few 20’s in non hot fix 2088 XIRIUS ROSE flatbacks.

If you are looking to make your own Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski unique hat here are some suggestions we have for you!

  • Wash your hat prior to applying the rhinestones! (We just tossed ours in a delicate wash and dried for a moment in dryer then set out on dryer to finishing drying) This will help remove any oils that is left on the embroider or stitching left on the logo of the hat.
  • Lay out the stones first to make sure you have enough crystals and to help navigate where will apply the correct sizes.
  • Glue suggestions:
    • If you are one that washes your hat often we recommend GemTac white glue as it is a permanent washable glue. If you don’t wash them that often then use e6000. PLEASE keep in mind that e6000 is no longer a permanent washable glue. It is permanent water resistant only. After multiple washes the glue will loosen up. GemTac takes longer to dry and doesn’t hold up as great however long term it does. Where e6000 will hold tight but if wanting it for years and washable it will loose its hold over time.
    • Last we use a syringe in size 16g (For sizes 12s and up) or 18g (for size 12s and down) E6000 only a few drops at a time GemTac we do more and let sit slightly and sometimes top off if needed.
  • Applying the Rhinestones we use a birthday candle! Yes, thats right the flat part or the bottom of a birthday candle! Why? A number of reasons!

A. Wax won’t ruin the crystals! – Simply wipe off after completely dry

B. CHEAP and can purchase anywhere! – We recommend ones that don’t have the stripe around then and ones that are a little thicker in wax.

C. Small enough to see if you have a slight ring around the stone of glue! AND works perfect for ALL sizes of Rhinestones!

We hope you like our Colorado black & silver hat Bling Swarovski for a fresh new idea! Want one? Contact Us we would love to make one for you!


Kami Bergstrom – Owner of Colorado Crystals

New Color Added - Scarlet made by Swarovski

New color added – Scarlet Made by Swarovski

New color added – Scarlet Made by Swarovski!

They have done it again, made a beautiful vivid red stone! These flat back round rhinestones come in multiple sizes and quantities! Try them in small sizes for things such as nail art ~ use size 5-9 (which are cut 2058’s) or larger sizes for projects like home decor ~ use size 12-30 (which are cut 2088’s)!

New color added – Scarlet Made by Swarovski is perfect timing for the holiday season! They would go great with a green color such as fern green to spice up your center piece candle holder! Looking for more red colors? Try searching through our Red Rhinestones categories for more colors! or simply click below to BUY NOW!

From Swarovski: “Scarlet symbolizes passion and excitement, offering a decadent, elegant edge to sensuous designs, and reminding us that we should celebrate life in all its beauty.” 

New Color Added - Scarlet made by Swarovski
Scarlet is a new Red! Perfect timing for Christmas gifts! Add these beautiful stones to your christmas cards!

Check out

Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun

Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun! Recently we visited Vegas for a much needed vacation and were looking for some summer fun! We found some black Havaianas and added some Swarovski flat back rhinestones to them!

At first this seemed like an easy DIY then we struggled for a bit and in the end found that it is a great summer project for anyone to try! WE ended up using a super glue called Loctite Super Glue (Gel version). It took us sometime to get the hang of it, so we recommend practicing before doing a full pair for a gift! We were thankful these were for a trying out job!

Some tips we found….

A. when scrapping off the logo and the ridges use both an Xacto knife and a piece of sandpaper. (We tried only the knife and some stones never did lay flat)

B. roll up a sock or anything similar so that the straps will lay flat, snug and remain in place while working.

C. Lay out a few stones at a time before gluing them down. (There are times that you have to leave a little space so that the pattern can continue the same.)

D. Even though the solid look is amazing to look at it is harder to keep them nice and perfectly aligned. We would recommend leaving a very tiny space in-between the stones.

WE have to say though…Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun; have held up amazingly! We actually even accidentally left them in the hot sun in Vegas for a few hours! OOPS! (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! HAHA!) And we still haven’t lost one!

These ended up using almost 2.5 gross of the Crystal Shimmer in size ss12 and 1gr of Jet Hematite in size ss12. We didn’t quite finish one bottle of glue off either! WE used a candle to attach them and a skewer to straighten them out when needed!

Happy blinging and Contact Us for any other questions or projects you would like us to share about! Happy to help in any of your Swarovski Rhinestone Needs!

Thank you
Kami Bergstrom

Havaianas Flip Flops with Swarovski Crystals added for summer fun
Black havaianas flip flops with Crystal Shimmer and Jet hematite size ss12 Swarovski Crystals added to them!

Team Gear Blinged by Colorado Crystals with Swarovski Rhinestones

Team Gear Blinged by Colorado Crystals using Swarovski Rhinestones

Team Gear Blinged by Colorado Crystals using Swarovski Rhinestones

Need your Team Gear Blinged? It’s that time of year when many teams are getting ready for their next season! Being involved in a Cheer, Dance, or Gymnastics team there are so many things to think about! From uniforms, competition leos or costumes, fan gear, warm-ups, shoes, bows and a whole lot more. It is hard to decide sometimes what will look or fit your team best! At Colorado Crystals we try to post pictures of many team gear items so you as the team member, mom or coach can get some ideas for your team!

This photo of Team Gear Blinged by Colorado Crystals using Swarovski Rhinestones shows some ideas. Visit our Rhinestone Gallery to see additional team gear that might work for you! Keep in mind that most of these photos are of projects that Colorado Crystals was asked to do the work for a team. However MANY teams purchase Swarovski Crystals from us to do their own work!


If you need help with figuring out how to do your team project we would love to give you ideas or tell you different ways that we have seen work for us! Also take a look at our Learning Center for more details on some projects. No secrets here at Colorado Crystals ~ Just fun with Swarovski Crystals!

Team Gear Blinged by Colorado Crystals with Swarovski Rhinestones
Swarovski Rhinestones added to all your team gear! Ideas here are done by Colorado Crystals. Learn to do your own and purchase your bling here! We love to help you out in whatever you need!

Tryout/Audition outfit: where to add Crystals

Tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals

Suggestions on where to add crystals to the Audition/Tryout outfit!

Getting ready for the big tryout day can be stressful; yet fun all at the same time! Here we will try and answer a few question we get asked a lot! After purchasing a tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals so it feels right? Picking out the outfit is hard enough so don’t let adding stones to it worry you!
Here are some of our suggestions!
One of the most important things to do is make sure you are yourself! As much as you need to blend in with the team needs you will want your judges to remember you! That means we completely understand the need to stand out from all the rest of the competitors. With so many talented girls out there it is important you feel your best! When trying to figure out what to wear for your tryout/audition outfit: where to add the crystals; you will want to make sure it shows off your strengths and not what everyone else is wearing.
Let me try to explain this a little better: Some girls are very outgoing so adding a lot of bling is perfect for them! They might choose contrasting colors from the outfit, add larger stones and use anywhere from 3 gross to 10 gross! Then others are not as much and so maybe their strength is their flexibility, strong arms or an amazing back! If that’s the case you would want to add some crystals to the area that will accent your best features. Maybe smaller crystals that blend with the color of the material around the legs, arms or on the back of the outfit. These girls maybe would use more like 2 gross to 4 gross in total rhinestones.
However always remember; what is the first thing someone looks at when looking at other people no matter what the situation? Their face and SMILE not their toes so make sure you smile with all the confidence in the world! Another suggestion could be to add some crystals in your style to an area that will accent you smile! Maybe it’s a simple headband or on one strap, whatever it is make sure it is your personality! Try this one:Flower Headband
In this photo of a rhinestoned tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals we used a little under 2.5 gross. It was made for someone trying out for an NFL team. We used 2 colors (Crystal Moonlight and Sun AB) in mostly 2 different sizes (16ss & 20ss). An additional third size in the center piece; 12ss to fill in the tiny spaces. Always remember to wash the area prior to adding the crystals. Read instructions on outfit first! Usually you can hand wash in cool water with a delicate liquid soap. We do not wash our items with OXI CLEAN or Fabric Softners as it can take away the glues or added sparkles in materials. Most also suggest to hang dry items.
We hope this helps answer a little on tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals!

Sorority Water Bottle with Swarovski Crystals

Sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals

Gift Idea? How about a Sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals on it! This beautiful water bottle was made for a “big sis” for a sorority in Arizona. Making gifts can make a bond even closer because it has your personal touch to it.
All you need for this project are:
1. Water bottle – we recommend using one that doesn’t sweat
2. Swarovski Crystals – Flat Back non hot fix. (check out our Store for many options)
3. Epoxy Glue – that dries clear and has a heat resistant bond (So they can be washed in a dish washer for ease!)
4. Permanent Marker
5. Rubbing Alcohol
6. Dry erase marker – Just in case you make a mistake!

First we suggest you wash the water bottle. Then once dry wipe the area you are applying the stones with rubbing alcohol. (It helps take off any dirt or oils left on the bottle) Then draw out your logo or design using your permanent marker. Don’t worry if you make a mistake drawing it out! That’s what the dry erase marker is for! Did you know you can wipe off your permanent marker if you first go over it with a dry erase marker? YUP! It works wonders! Let it dry and wipe it off! However don’t forget to wipe clean again with rubbing alcohol! Once design is set, apply epoxy and stones and let dry and set for a good 12-24 hours!

We hope you have fun making your sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals!!!

**Note we recommend hand washing the water bottles, BUT just in case your “big Sis” throws her Sorority water bottle with Swarovski crystals in the dish washer she should be ok!