Sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals

Gift Idea? How about a Sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals on it! This beautiful water bottle was made for a “big sis” for a sorority in Arizona. Making gifts can make a bond even closer because it has your personal touch to it.
All you need for this project are:
1. Water bottle – we recommend using one that doesn’t sweat
2. Swarovski Crystals – Flat Back non hot fix. (check out our Store for many options)
3. Epoxy Glue – that dries clear and has a heat resistant bond (So they can be washed in a dish washer for ease!)
4. Permanent Marker
5. Rubbing Alcohol
6. Dry erase marker – Just in case you make a mistake!

First we suggest you wash the water bottle. Then once dry wipe the area you are applying the stones with rubbing alcohol. (It helps take off any dirt or oils left on the bottle) Then draw out your logo or design using your permanent marker. Don’t worry if you make a mistake drawing it out! That’s what the dry erase marker is for! Did you know you can wipe off your permanent marker if you first go over it with a dry erase marker? YUP! It works wonders! Let it dry and wipe it off! However don’t forget to wipe clean again with rubbing alcohol! Once design is set, apply epoxy and stones and let dry and set for a good 12-24 hours!

We hope you have fun making your sorority water bottle with Swarovski Crystals!!!

**Note we recommend hand washing the water bottles, BUT just in case your “big Sis” throws her Sorority water bottle with Swarovski crystals in the dish washer she should be ok!