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Custom made Adult XS gently used Audition or athletic Shorts discounted

SKU 10-180-10-182
In stock
Product Details

Custom made Dance Shorts that can be used for many different athletic uses Or even under your clothing!

These hot shorts are made with 2 things in mind - Comfort and coverage without anything showing 🙂 while doing whatever you would use these for. Many people have purchased these for dance, gymnastics, Auditions, Costume wear, cheer, pom, high school dance, work out and even one lady custom ordered them for her bottoms for her swim suit for the summer! They wash beautifully in cool water and a light tumble dry or hang dry. (No Oxi clean or fabric softener) hand wash is preferable.
No shrinkage unless they are not taken care of such as hot wash hot dry and hot tub soaking etc.

These are made with comfortable stretch material. They are lined with more comfortable stretch lycra 🙂

Due to the fact that they are made with flexible material it is hard to get an exact measurement however this set falls in the Adult M Range All measurements are without stretch so please remember they do stretch quite a bit. We tell people approximately 2-5 inches depending on how tight you like your clothing to fit.

The following keys are what we use to explain the measures we take. (See our photo of example measures) Below that are the measurements.

LW = Low waist (Where elastic goes around)
TH = Thigh (where elastic goes around)
1/2g = Half Girth (Top of elastic in front through legs to top of elastic in back)
G = Girth (Top of the top through the legs to the top of the back of the outfit. If it is high neck go to sternum)
H = Hips (widest part around buttock area)
R = Ribs (lowest part of the top)
B = Bust (Largest part of the top)

#10-180 - Red (Beautiful shiny red material - Soft)
LW - 26, TH - 16, 1/2g - 17.5, H - 28.5

#10-181 - Black (Beautiful Black Shiny Material - Soft)
LW - 24.5, TH - 16, 1/2g - 16, H - 28

#10-182 - Black (Beautiful Black Shiny Material - Soft)
LW - 25, TH - 16, 1/2g - 16.5, H - 28

**** Some of these shorts are very hard to get a true color in the photos - If you are looking for a very specific color please let me know and I can try to explain it better or get some other photos to help with finding it.

See example measurement photos to see how we size them.

Have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me:)

My mom will not be making anymore so once these are gone they wont be found! (She custom designed the pattern and only Grandma Kay could make them that way!) Check out my other listing of all her hand made custom dance, cheer, gymnastics, workout wear!

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