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Letterman Jacket ~ Add Swarovski Crystals

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Are you interested in getting your Letterman Jacket Crystalled with Swarovski Rhinestones?

Here's The Scoop 🙂

You send us your Letterman Jacket and we bling it the way you ordered. Then we ship it back to you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Standard turnaround time is 7 business days from time of receiving the Jacket.

Pricing on Letterman Jackets varies considerably! The photos that you see in this listing are of only 4 of the latest ones we have done and the prices for these particular jackets have ranged from $145-$185. However there are some clients that have done a lot less and those were considerably less in cost. The total price ranges that we have done have been from $25 for a single patch solid outlined all the way up to $250. When you are deciding on a design some things to consider are: cost, locations of crystals, type of crystals, and that not all jackets are made the same. What this last one means is some outlining on patches are wider and others are super skinny; therefore depending on the width of the outlining will depend on the size of crystal that gets used. Last thing to think about is how close do you want the crystals to lay? The tighter they are the more crystals are used (See our Learning Center for more specifics on sizes and spacing)

Description of each choice:

  • Solid Crystal - will be clear crystals
  • Color - Standard colors (Such as Light Siam, Sapphire, etc.)
  • Crystal Coating - These are colors listed with Crystal in the name on our site to help differentiate the coatings. Example - Metallic Sunshine (Crystal) OR Moonlight (Crystal) etc.
  • Specialty - These colors have a specialty coating on them so they reflect a little differently. Some call them an iridescent look. Some examples are: Light Siam Shimmer, Sapphire AB or Jet Hematite to name just a few.

Common FAQ's:

  1. How will we know what it will look like? - Take a look at our Rhinestone Gallery for many of our satisfied customers ideas! (We are adding photos as well on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Pinterest - follow us there @ ColoradoCrystals
  2. How do I need to take care of the jacket? - The jackets once applied with crystals are not dry cleanable. For the jacket itself you will need to check with the manufacture however most spot wash them once crystals are applied. The crystals can not sit in any type of extreme weather for long periods of time. It will put a strain on the glue itself. Another words no long hours in extreme heat, water, freezing... you get the point:') Keep them in a room temperature place and if needed to clean up wipe them clean with water and soft cloth. (And if they need a little more - gentle dish washing soap with water and a light rinse with a clean cloth usually will do the work:)
  3. How do you handle Returns, exchanges or refunds? - Well TBH they are not really possible. Here's why; (But keep reading to see what we do offer:) Once we begin the project there is no way to remove the crystals and keep the jacket in the same condition. (Along the portion where the crystals are being applied to) If for some reason a mistake on our end happens we will take care of you! We promise! (There are several options for you at that point) However if you are completely dissatisfied we would be happy to make you another jacket free of charge minus ALL shipping fees and we are not responsible for the purchase of another jacket.
  4. What if some fall off? - As with anything added onto clothing, shoes or really anything there is always going to be the normal wear and tear. Another words you may lose a couple here and there, however generally speaking if well taken care of you shouldn't loose many if any at all. We will always ship extra crystals with the jacket for the minor repairs. If the jacket is well taken care of and a lot of crystals happen to fall off within 30 days or less of receiving your jacket, send it to us and we are happy to repair it free of charge minus any shipping fees. (We are not responsible for damage or loss due to miss treatment of the item the crystals are being added to)
  5. What kind of crystals? - We only use Swarovski Crystals flat back non hotfix.
  6. How much is Shipping? - For the custom bling items we wanted to be sure you get your item with the best guarantee and the best rate so all custom bling items will be shipped via UPS ground calculated shipping based upon your location.
  7. Can I drop them off and pick up to save on Shipping Fees? - Yes We are located in Westminster, CO. We are not doing any appointments to show stones or lay out colors at this time. Check back after the Covid is completely gone and we will let ya know then:)
  8. How are we handling Covid - We are staying safe and there are only 2 of us who come near any customers shoes or stones. WE can not control what happens in the shipping process outside of our place but we are taking extra precautionary steps before handling and during any projects we are working on.
  9. Do you offer any discounts? - We are offering 3% off all orders who pay cash or Zelle - Contact us for more information. We also offer discounts when doing multiple jackets that are designed the same way such as team jackets a group. And as mentioned above we offer 8% discount to Jackets being fully covered with crystals.

Other questions? I am happy to answer any please text or call me at 303-523-6194 OR email us @ Sales@coloradocrystals.com

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