Tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals

Suggestions on where to add crystals to the Audition/Tryout outfit!

Getting ready for the big tryout day can be stressful; yet fun all at the same time! Here we will try and answer a few question we get asked a lot! After purchasing a tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals so it feels right? Picking out the outfit is hard enough so don’t let adding stones to it worry you!
Here are some of our suggestions!
One of the most important things to do is make sure you are yourself! As much as you need to blend in with the team needs you will want your judges to remember you! That means we completely understand the need to stand out from all the rest of the competitors. With so many talented girls out there it is important you feel your best! When trying to figure out what to wear for your tryout/audition outfit: where to add the crystals; you will want to make sure it shows off your strengths and not what everyone else is wearing.
Let me try to explain this a little better: Some girls are very outgoing so adding a lot of bling is perfect for them! They might choose contrasting colors from the outfit, add larger stones and use anywhere from 3 gross to 10 gross! Then others are not as much and so maybe their strength is their flexibility, strong arms or an amazing back! If that’s the case you would want to add some crystals to the area that will accent your best features. Maybe smaller crystals that blend with the color of the material around the legs, arms or on the back of the outfit. These girls maybe would use more like 2 gross to 4 gross in total rhinestones.
However always remember; what is the first thing someone looks at when looking at other people no matter what the situation? Their face and SMILE not their toes so make sure you smile with all the confidence in the world! Another suggestion could be to add some crystals in your style to an area that will accent you smile! Maybe it’s a simple headband or on one strap, whatever it is make sure it is your personality! Try this one:Flower Headband
In this photo of a rhinestoned tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals we used a little under 2.5 gross. It was made for someone trying out for an NFL team. We used 2 colors (Crystal Moonlight and Sun AB) in mostly 2 different sizes (16ss & 20ss). An additional third size in the center piece; 12ss to fill in the tiny spaces. Always remember to wash the area prior to adding the crystals. Read instructions on outfit first! Usually you can hand wash in cool water with a delicate liquid soap. We do not wash our items with OXI CLEAN or Fabric Softners as it can take away the glues or added sparkles in materials. Most also suggest to hang dry items.
We hope this helps answer a little on tryout/audition outfit: where to add crystals!